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Framing Packages

Best Western Hotel - St. Jacobs, Ontario

Residential Townhouse Project - Guelph, Ontario

Terraces by Hallman Retirement Residence
- Waterloo, Ontario

Completing roof truss installation
on a single-family building

Commercial framing project

Commercial framing project - timber framing

Our core business is the manufacture of wood framing packages, typically comprising floor, wall, and roof systems.

We also provide installation for our packages in our domestic (Ontario) market area. Our company has been manufacturing and installing structural wood framing systems since 1960.

We work directly with architects, designers, builders, developers, contractors and framers to ensure that the project is on schedule, on budget and conforms to the designerís specifications. 

Our structural wood framing packages are available for many applications, including:

bullet Residential single-family homes
bullet Residential multiple homes (townhomes, condominiums)
bullet Commercial and Institutional buildings, including Retirement Residences
bullet Senior health care facilities
bullet Agricultural buildings

Tampa Hallís COMPLETE framing package gives your project the following advantages:

bullet Essentially eliminates all of the management and co-ordination headaches the homebuilder otherwise has to deal with for framing. We oversee both the manufacture and installation, and we work directly from YOUR plans.
bullet Our fixed-price contract spells out EVERYTHING youíll receive with our installed package, so you know ahead of time exactly what your actual framing cost will be.
bullet Includes all necessary bracing, bridging, blocking, backing, sheathing and miscellaneous framing-associated materials, so there are no unanticipated shortages (and additional worrisome costs) once the project starts. For example, strapping, bulkheads and/or pocket door frames are often omitted from some estimates; however, they are specifically itemized in our framing package quotation to you.
bullet Includes site clean-up of all our waste and unused materials.
bullet Much faster job progress. For example, your project wonít be tied up while walls are being built on-site after the floor is framed. With our framing packages, your walls are already manufactured and are ready for installation AS SOON AS the floor is sheathed. Your building is ready for occupancy sooner, and your customer is satisfied.

Our quality standards are applied consistently and rigourously to our complete framing packages.

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