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Industrial Roof Trusses for Tampa Hall Plant 2

Residential Roof Trusses - Ayr, Ontario

Commercial framing project by Tampa Hall

Commercial framing project - roof truss stage

Roof truss stage - trusses installed on single-family house

Tampa Hall trusses are available as either stand-alone roof systems or part of our complete framing packages.

Lumber is either surfaced-dry (S-DRY) or kiln-dried (K.D.), and in many cases is heat-treated as well, per your plan specification. Lumber grade is as specified by our truss design engineers, and is SPF No. 2 & better, including for webs. High strength MSR lumber is used on certain trusses to obtain efficiencies and cost savings for our customers.

Sealed engineering drawings are prepared for each truss order we manufacture when required. Drawings are made available to the customer for permit approvals, as required by your building official.

Each Tampa Hall truss bears the individual line inspector’s seal and number, as part of our assurance of quality. The truss is stamped only after the inspector conducts a final visual check during the final assembly stage of the manufacturing process.

Our quality standards are applied consistently and rigorously to our trusses.

Tampa Hall is the first Canadian manufacturer to be Wood Truss Council of America (WTCA) QC-Certified.

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